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Peghole & Peghole Wide

After my avantgarde adventures, back to some working stuff: Peghole is finished, including punctuation, accented letters and more. I sticked with the initial set of bricks (see the older post on this fontstruction below), except for the © and ® glyphs.
I made a wide version to go along, which went fairly smooth, except for the capital S and Z: simply adding some square bricks didn’t work here. I am rather pleased with my solution.

While having so much fun, I added a silly shadow version. 26 lowercase, 26 caps and numerals only. I won’t share that version for now, but if someone has a good use for it, just ask…

Peghole and Peghole Wide can be downloaded as TrueTypes here:

An overview of all the Peghole glyphs sits > here


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