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Tabloid! Dick Bruna


Striking but unconventional. Four shouting elements – an extra bold slab serif title, a strangely cropped up-close picture, the blurb text in red and a classical vignette – all together on the front cover of a book and yet kept perfectly in balance. This is the work of a master. Dick Bruna, forever famous as the father of ‘Nijntje’ or ‘Miffy’ in English, designed hundreds of book covers for ‘Zwarte Beertjes’, a Dutch pocket book series that published mainly thrillers and sci-fi. This is a hard cover book, the linnen embossing making the tabloid-like approach even more surprising.

Jack Lynn – De Professor
A.W. Bruna & Zoon
, Utrecht 1972
Cover design Dick Bruna

I will show some paperback covers from my growing Bruna collection in future posts. For more info on Dick Bruna you can look here and here.

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