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Bijloke bier


For this beer label, I adapted my Peghole Fontstruct to hang from the top instead of standing on a baseline. A special J was needed too… The backdrop was done in Illustrator.


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idle hands…

… do the devil’s work. A quote from a Waylon Jennings song, proposed by Brendan Croker as a theme for the annual diary we co-design with Marc Vandepitte from Sintjoris printers. No lettering, this job, but my old love: printmaking, transposed to the desktop. Front and back cover are built of two spot colour plates in offset to be covered by a red thermo-sensitive layer in screenprinting. Just the warmth of your hands will make that last one become transparent and reveal what’s underneath. Hide and seek, touch and see…


idle5 idle1 idle2 idle8

Some unfinished states of the two illustrations. I knew what I started from, not what the final image would look like. Curious how the printed result will work. A calculated risk?


work1 work5

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