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Bruna SF zwarte beertjes abstract

Dick Bruna designed over 2000 covers for the Zwarte Beertjes series, pocket books that brought famous international detective series to a dutch public. Well known are the covers he did for the Saint and James Bond series or Maigret and other Simenon books. The color schemes and simple iconography Bruna used set a style that made the Beertjes famous. Slightly different and more abstract are these covers for some Science Fiction titles. Read the rest of this entry »


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Tabloid! Dick Bruna


Striking but unconventional. Four shouting elements – an extra bold slab serif title, a strangely cropped up-close picture, the blurb text in red and a classical vignette – all together on the front cover of a book and yet kept perfectly in balance. This is the work of a master. Dick Bruna, forever famous as the father of ‘Nijntje’ or ‘Miffy’ in English, designed hundreds of book covers for ‘Zwarte Beertjes’, a Dutch pocket book series that published mainly thrillers and sci-fi. This is a hard cover book, the linnen embossing making the tabloid-like approach even more surprising.

Jack Lynn – De Professor
A.W. Bruna & Zoon
, Utrecht 1972
Cover design Dick Bruna

I will show some paperback covers from my growing Bruna collection in future posts. For more info on Dick Bruna you can look here and here.

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