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Analog pixel art 4: another stitched alphabet


Another great exercise, dated 1921. While she has all the other N’s right, Ghislaine mirrored the one in her own name. I like this piece a lot. It looks very even at first sight, while looking closer reveals some patching up for miscalculation: notice how the last letter of the name didn’t fit, and simply drops. It helps to spread colour where the dot after ‘Salzinnes’ would have left a blank space if left on its own. The 1921 sits close, but doesn’t mess up the Z. And I fancy the R trying to leave the grid. Is it mimicking the Q’s tail?




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analog pixel art

When I was a kid, we had no computers.
But did we have pixel art! It looked like this.

Pixel art is as old as the grid. Looking for old examples of the use of a grid, two disciplines come to mind: mosaic and weaving.

During a trip through Devon last month I stumbled upon some fine folk art. While entering a church, my eye was caught by colourful packages hanging between the benches like christmas presents. People bring their own cushion to church to make the praying on wooden benches easier on the knees. While in other rural churches those cushions were often covered by uniformous crotchetings (as if every grandmother had  been given the same obligatory pattern), the needlework in St. Pancras in Widecombe-in-the-Moor was far more authentic and varied. Beautiful colour schemes and patterns and the inevitable cross stitched alphabets… Say hello to Josie.



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