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Design is good for you! vitamin chart




This beautiful chart is French. The Guide de la Santé par les Vitamines des Aliments by monsieur A. Orain, the book which is praised as a guide for correct use on the backside, had a second edition in 1946 (thank you Google). This is the only indication I have about the age of this poster.

I like almost everything about it: the use of colour is vibrant. The size comes as a surprise: a 13 by 20 cm leaflet folds out to 74 by 55 cm poster, the title flaps showing only in the end. Apart from the rather clumsy cover title, the type is great but a bit of a mix: a very linear egyptian and its narrow version plus a clarendon type for the big titles, Futura Oblique and Metro for the text. For subtitles a wide grotesque and a script that comes close to Berthold Ariston are used. Inside the graphs the lettering seems executed by hand, reminiscent of technical drawing.






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