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Peghole Narrow Black

A wide version called for a narrow one. But narrowing a 3 block letter meant sacrificing the inner space. So Peghole Narrow automatically became Peghole Narrow Black. The hatches in the A, B, D, P and Q and several lowercase characters are no style gimmick but help to compensate for the lost inner space and increaselegibility. At least, that’s what I hope they do.

> variations on the capital E. Number 3 got the prize.

As always in FontStruct, changes open new paths. Trying to improve the dense lettershapes starts to alter the original feel of the Peghole font. Family ties are getting looser here. To be continued…


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Peghole & Peghole Wide

After my avantgarde adventures, back to some working stuff: Peghole is finished, including punctuation, accented letters and more. I sticked with the initial set of bricks (see the older post on this fontstruction below), except for the © and ® glyphs.
I made a wide version to go along, which went fairly smooth, except for the capital S and Z: simply adding some square bricks didn’t work here. I am rather pleased with my solution.

While having so much fun, I added a silly shadow version. 26 lowercase, 26 caps and numerals only. I won’t share that version for now, but if someone has a good use for it, just ask…

Peghole and Peghole Wide can be downloaded as TrueTypes here:

An overview of all the Peghole glyphs sits > here

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