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Tyrone is feeling better…

Glad to inform that Rob downloaded and printed Tyrone from Indesign. And had no spacing troubles.
Happy me… Thanks Rob!


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Alas! Tyrone stutters…

My Tyrone Struction had a flaw that seemed solved, but now strikes back.
In the review window of the FontStruction application, letterspacing looks odd.

Rob Meek pointed out this was probably due to the fact that I started some characters with a ‘half block’.
Much to my joy, when using the TrueType download in Indesign, the problem was gone.

At least on screen it was. When printing it to a postscript printer, the troubles rose again…

Ofcourse, lots of this anoyment comes out of the fact that I use very little grids. Spacing etc… is in relation to the blocksize. To be continued…

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